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We Are Dedicated to Helping Independent Artists in Ways Most Studios Don't

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Our facility has recording studios, a fully equipped cyc wall, a streaming studio, and so much more left to come! Our mission is to serve the creative community to the best of our ability by providing resources, positive vibes, and practical steps to making a career out of your creativity.
Jaica is about inclusive, friendly behaviour. We're excited to have you in our industry!
State of the Art
Our equipment and talent is always on point. We're ready to record your creativity!
Chill and Relaxed
Jaica wants everything to be 'Irie', meaning cool and calm. No problems here, only vibez!
We will always value creativity over the certainty of any guarantee. Our goal is to help you make your best work!
We offer a variety of tools such as our extensive Media Package or our Music Business Seminars to separate from being a place to just record music. We are also the only recording studio in Orlando to have mostly female engineers. We recognize how the industry treats women and we want to change that.

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